New feature can save property owners up to $1,000 annually on water waste per leaky toilet.

BETHESDA, MD – August 25, 2023 – Dwellwell Analytics, the First Check Engine Light for Homes™, announced today that it has released its new toilet malfunction alerts suite. This new feature provides residential real estate owner-operators with a unique tool to conserve water and save on operational  expenses (OpEx). With this new release, Dwellwell detects malfunctioning toilets, identifies the cause, and suggests a solution.

“Developing this capability was highly complex and I’m thrilled to launch this new feature to our customers. Using acoustic sensors and neural AI to identify toilet sounds and then determine when and why a toilet malfunctions has never been accomplished by any other proptech or smart home product on the market today,” said Dan Simpkins, Dwellwell Analytics’ CEO and Co-Founder.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates a leaky toilet wastes 200 gallons of water per day and the average national cost of water and wastewater is $12.60 per 1,000 gallons, or $920 per toilet per year.

“That’s a lot of money for an individual homeowner and a fortune for real estate investors with large rental portfolios,” said Simpkins. “We have solved a huge problem with this new capability.”

Glenn Russell, owner of Coastal Group, Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA has already benefitted from the technology, stating, “The Dwellwell system sent immediate alerts of toilets that were auto-flushing and refilling. We have updated the flappers and will save on water expenses. We’re very pleased with the very comprehensive information Dwellwell provides.”

The Dwellwell sensors plug into standard electrical outlets near toilets and start “learning” about their ambient surroundings. Sensors communicate with a local computing hub to process the data and provide relevant information to authorized users, who can view the health and status of their entire property portfolio in one elegant web app.

About Dwellwell

Dwellwell is the first comprehensive Check Engine Light for Homes™. The powerful technology diagnoses and alerts residential property owners and managers to irregularities in the performance of an entire residential building, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and even environmental concerns. The SaaS platform provides early detection of issues before they lead to system failure or devolve to catastrophic faults. Built by a team of seasoned tech entrepreneurs, Dwellwell proactively diagnoses issues across an entire building, helping large-scale single-family rental and multifamily owners streamline maintenance, generate cost savings, retain teams, and elevate resident and guest experiences.